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["Summer-flavoured Veal","Lamb with Zucchini and Dill","Beef with Garden Vegetables","Rosemary Salmon","Basil and Tomato Chicken"]
HFC Complete Made in Italy

HFC Complete Made in Italy

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Chiedi ai nostri veterinari

Prepared with the best meat or the best fish, HFC (that is, originally fit for human consumption now food for dogs), the HFC Complete Made In Italy wet recipes for dogs provides a natural supply of animal protein essential for their biological and metabolic functions. These recipes formulated without preservatives, chemicals, OGM, food colourings, meat or fish meal and without gluten, are offered in a selection of 6 specialities with exclusive combinations of flavours inspired by the Italian cuisine, to satisfy even the pickiest of tastes. To ensure a correct balanced diet for the dog Almo Nature HFC Complete Made in Italy recipes are integrated with minerals and vitamins; they can in fact be offered to dogs that do not willingly eat kibble (small sized, with teeth problems or with fussy tastes). Almo Nature recommends alternating COMPLETE wet food with kibble to encourage chewing and promote its benefits for teeth and digestion.

  • Human Grade

    Human Grade

    Meat and fish originally fit for human consumption and now used in this food for cats or dogs.

  • Gluten Free

    Gluten Free

    No-gluten recipes.

  • Mono protein

    Mono protein

    Single source of animal proteins, meat or fish. Ideal in case of food difficulties.

Analytical Components
  • crude fat 5.5 %
  • Crude fibres 0.9 %
  • Crude ash 2 %
  • Moisture 78 %
  • Crude protein 10.5 %
  • Energy 983 kcal/kg


  • Turkey 58% (turkey meat 48%, turkey liver 10%), brown rice 8%, beet 4%, celery, dandelion, basil.
  • Additives - nutritional additives: vitamin A 1200 IU/kg, vitamin D3 140 IU/kg, vitamin E 10 mg/kg, vitamin B1 1 mg/kg, copper(II) sulphate pentahydrate 6 mg/kg (Cu 1,5 mg/kg).

By buying this product you directly support biodiversity and animal rights projects.

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