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["Tuna and Clams in broth","Chicken and Liver in broth","Salmon and Chicken in broth","Tuna and Whitebait Smelt in broth","Tuna and Chicken in broth","Mackerel in broth","Tuna in broth Pacific style","Chicken Recipe in broth - Kitten","Chicken recipe with Carrots in gravy","Chicken recipe with Green Beans in gravy","Salmon recipe with Apple in gravy","Mackerel recipe with Sweet Potatoes in gravy","Chicken recipe with Turkey in Gravy","Chicken recipe with Sweet Potatoes in gravy","Mackerel recipe with Sea Bream in gravy","Rotational Pack 1: RECIPE 1) Chicken Breast in broth RECIPE 2) Tuna and Cheese in broth RECIPE 3) Chicken with Pumpkin in broth RECIPE 4) Tuna in broth Atlantic Style","Rotational Pack 2: RECIPE 1) Tuna in broth Atlantic Style RECIPE 2) Mackerel in broth RECIPE 3) Trout and Tuna in broth RECIPE 4) Chicken and Shrimp in broth","Variety Pack","Rotational 3: RECIPE 1) Chicken and Liver in broth RECIPE 2) Chicken and Cheese in broth RECIPE 3) Tuna in broth Pacific Style RECIPE 4) Chicken Breast in broth",null,"Deli Chicken in broth - NEW","Chicken Breast "]
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